July brought new students and carrot cake!

July brought new students and carrot cake!

The start of July was a little sad, as a contagious illness was making its way around the kids in Hogar Para Sus Niños, which meant Breaking Cycles nor Quinde Foundation could visit. 

However, in the penultimate week, we could finally take our balloons and carrot cake muffins recipe and visit our students. They were extremely excited to see us and we were also excited to see that we had four new students.

As our new students ranged from the age of three up to 11 with some who have learning disabilities, we had to be careful with equipment for this class, but the students were able to decorate their own carrot cake muffins with cream, chocolate, and sprinkles- and then eat them! It was the first time they had tasted carrot cake, and we were pleased they all enjoyed it. 

We also played a few balloon games while practising the numbers and greetings in English. The new students did really well as it was the very first time some of them had spoken English. 

After meeting our new students and seeing the level of their capabilities, we are excited to plan for August and offer the kids new experiences and challenges through food and ingredients.

We are extremely grateful for the support of Grupo Superior and Gestor, who make these classes possible through their donations. Through their support, we are able to work with the kids to develop their fine and large motor skills as well as their love for food, nutrition, and creativity.