The Plan

Note: Due to the current pandemic, it’s difficult to begin direct work with the children and every part of the process takes a little longer than normal. However, we hope to have a plan in place for the moment we can begin our program.

A selected group of students from low socioeconomic areas will take part in online classes outside of their normal school hours. They will have 3 hours a week of English class, 1 hour a week of mentoring which will include Personal Finances, personal skills such as:

Problem solving
and Leadership



Critical thinking and Public speaking

And 1 hour a week of a course of their choice. We hope to include, but aren’t limited to, programs in the following areas: Art, Music, Technology, Finance, Home Economics, Other Languages, and Computer Programs including Design and Coding.

Outside of the weekly classes, we will have monthly workshops, where the kids meet a professional in a selected profession who can teach them a little about their expertise. Some workshops may include past experiences of the professional or organization.

Each child will be involved in the program from when they enter to when they graduate from high school. Mentors and teachers will help them decide their career path or future.